Docker Sokoban Review

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Top Five Features:
  • Improved three dimensional graphics and sounds
  • More than fifty levels and up to three different categories.
  • You can undo unwanted moves as many times as you want.
  • Tutorials and hints to help you solve every level.
  • Good looking backgrounds besides the actual puzzle.
Ease of Use: This game controls are very easy; you can either use your mouse or your keyboard. With your mouse you move your character near the block you want to move and then simply click on the block and drag it to the place where you want it. If you want to use your keyboard you move your character with the arrow keys, you then select the block with the tab key and the enter key and move it to the desired place.

Help and Support: The game has a simple help guide, because the game is very easy to understand. You can also have the computer give you some tutorials and hints in case you stay stuck in a puzzle. If you have other types of problems with the software you can find some contact information in the help menu as well.

Summary: This puzzle type of game is a very fun game to play. Docker Sokoban is based in a warehouse man, who has to move boxes around the building, with a little cart. The computer will show you where you need to place the boxes at. You must use your computer's mouse or its keyboard to move the warehouse man around the screen. Once you get him near a box you have to select that box and move it to the marked place. This may sound very easy but as the difficulty of the game increases, the boxes will be harder to move around and there may be some obstacles blocking your way. You must use all of your brains to solve some of these puzzles. Docker Sokoban also has some very nice graphics and the main music of the game is great to listen to. Docker Sokoban also has some very nice backgrounds behind and around the puzzles screen; those pictures will also form an important part of the game. Once you have solved all of the levels you can always try and play in one of the other three categories, which will make the game completely different. Playing Docker Sokoban is a guarantee that you will have a good time. You will also have to think a bit, but completing each level will make you feel good about yourself.