Empires and Dungeons Review

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Top Five Features:
  • This game has an automatic setting which develops a new task every time you go into a dungeon.
  • Large quantity of monsters, with different skills and looks.
  • There are several adventures in which you can get involved in the game from, dragon breeding to searching dungeons for items.
  • You can play with more than one person at time, connecting computers in several ways.
  • Your character can be personalized to your needs and what you want.
Ease of Use: Every window in this game has a small tutorial for every icon and action you can possibly do. This makes it very easy to understand and move around. The icons are all ordered in a way which they are very easy to remember and find. The icons are also large, have their name on them and most of them even have a figure.

Help and Support: The game's web page or its creator's web page has an excellent support system which guarantees you the solution to your problems in a matter of hours. There is a help and small tutorial running all throughout the game unless you turn it off. You can also find a help menu in the main window of the game which has a guide and instructions to the game and many more tips on how to play.

Summary: Empires and Dungeons is a science fiction strategy game which is truly incredible. Empires and Dungeons enables you take control of a large territory, in some of the most inhospitable land you have ever imagined. Here you must start building your castle and making yourself known all around you. You must gain control of all the territory that you possibly can and make everyone respect you. You will have many enemies, whom will want to destroy your castle and erase you from the face of the earth. There are also many monsters that you will encounter throughout your quest to success and many other characters that you must also defeat; this is the only possible way for you to obtain your victory. You must lead your character into a dark and unknown world, which you will discover as you advance in the game and complete the missions. You must also lead your character into some of the most frightening dungeons you have ever seen; these are located all around this fantastic world and you will enter them in search of adventures, so that you can find some unimaginable artefacts, which will definitely help you in your quest. In this game you start as a simple leader, whom depending on you will or will not become the hero everyone is expecting. You must also start building your army, in case you need to go to war or if anyone decides to attack your growing empire. You must become the bravest hero of them all to have any chance at survival. Empires and Dungeons is a fantastic strategy game, which will let your imagination wonder far far away.