Family Restaurant Review

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Top Five Features:
  • The graphics are fantastic, the characters move throughout the restaurant and everything looks very modern.
  • The story of the game is very interesting and it gets you motivated
  • You get new dishes and upgrades as you complete every level and earn cash
  • The sounds are great and the theme song is quite nice to listen to
  • You can use the settings menu to personalize the game to your preferences
Ease of Use: The game is very easy to control; you use your mouse to move the pointer to what you need to do. Everything you can click on has an icon with a figure or some words on it. Everything is self explainable and you even get a small briefing of what you should do sometimes.

Help and Support: As soon as you start the game you get a tutorial on what you need to do. This is all the help you can get from the game; there isn't a help menu at the beginning of the game. You can always visit the game's homepage and get some tips from there.

Summary: Family Restaurant can only be described as a very cool game. You get to learn how to prepare the best recipes and dishes ever, so that you can make your family's restaurant the most famous in town. The story starts when your old man tells you that your family's restaurant has been losing clients and prestige. He also tells you that he is getting to old to manage his restaurant and that he will teach you everything he knows, so that you can make that three star restaurant into a gorgeous five star restaurant. You start by learning how to prepare some dishes, like carrot salad and strawberry ice cream dessert. You first watch as the clients come in your restaurant and take a seat. Then the waiter will approach them and take the order, as soon as you get this you must click on the order icon and start preparing the dish. The ingredients and order will appear on your right and you will have a plate on the middle of the screen. Then you must click on the ingredients and place them on the dish as they appear on the recipe picture. You must try and be as accurate as possible when placing the ingredients on the plate, as you will be graded on this. If you take too long preparing the dish, your clients will stand up and leave. You must always keep the customer satisfied so that he pays and talks good about your place. Once you start getting customer's orders on time you will be able to save some cash to upgrade your restaurant. The point of the game is to make your restaurant the most successful in town. You must add new plates and redecorate your restaurant, you must get the orders on time and make them look the same as the recipe, and this is the only way to become a five star restaurant.