Farm Frenzy Pizza Party Review

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Top Five Features:
  • Cool graphics, everything moves and has a lot of colours.
  • The sounds are very good; everything has its own original sound.
  • You can change the money you make in your farm, to buy many cool upgrades for your farm.
  • There are more than 80 levels for you to play.
  • There are more than 10 different animals, which will help you earn money for your farm.
Ease of Use: You can move all the objects in your farm by using your computer's mouse. You basically have to click and drag the different options you have for your next move. The pictures tell you what you should be clicking on and they are easy to see.

Help and Support: This game has a tutorial for the first few levels. This tutorial will show you how to manage your farm and produce the necessary ingredients for your pizzas. The tutorial is fairly easy to understand, since a window with what to do next appear right next to where you need to move your mouse. The tutorial is very useful to understand how to get around your farm.

Summary: Having a real farm is not an easy job at all; there are many things that can go wrong. Now with Farm Frenzy Pizza Party you can enjoy everything about owning your own farm without as many hassles. This game puts you in front of your very own farm, where you will have to grow grass, take care of your animals, collect, harvest and store your produce for later use. You start the game with a chicken, a well and a truck. You must first learn to irrigate your land so that grass will grow very green. This will be the food for your animals, so you must make sure you have enough grass and water in the well to keep your land irrigated. As your animals eat they will start to produce, the chicken will produce eggs, and the cow will produce milk and so on. After you collect and store your produce, you can either put them in the truck and go and sell them in town. But if you are looking to make more money, you must build production areas in your farm. These buildings will convert your produce into better products, that will sell for a lot more. At first you can get the eggs from your chickens and send them to the production area to make egg powder, which will also help you make other products in the long run, like flour. As you complete levels and upgrade your farm, you will also need to buy some products in town and bring them to your farm, these products will allow you to produce even better products to sell and get more revenue. Farm Frenzy Pizza Party will let you manage your farm and produce all the necessary products to make pizzas. Once you can make pizzas you can establish a small place in town to sell your products. Every level must be completed within a certain amount of time, the sooner you complete a level the more points you will get and the easier that it will be for you to update your farm. In this game your main goal is to upgrade your farm to the fullest, so that you take as little time as possible producing everything and this way you will earn more cash to invest in your farm.