FishDom H20 Hidden Odyssey Review

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Top Five Features:
  • Beautiful graphics, all of the pictures and objects are well designed and very detailed.
  • Tons of different objects to look for and find.
  • You can personalize up to three different aquariums with the objects you find and buy.
  • Your aquariums can be set to become your computer's screen saver.
  • Great story, which gets you involved in the game.
Ease of Use: This is an easy game to play, you control everything with your mouse and the computer tells you exactly which hidden objects you need to find next. All of the objects and menus are very well designed and you can identify them easily.

Help and Support: The game has a help menu which will let you know what the basic rules of the game are. There is also a small window in the low part of the game's screen where you can find some instructions to find the hidden objects you are looking for. The game also has a support team which is ready to help at all times on their web site.

Summary: This is a very interactive game, you have to keep moving and looking constantly at all the parts of the screen, so that you are able to find the hidden objects, which are all around you. FishDom H2O Hidden Odyssey is about taking your character for a dive into the ocean and making her look for hidden objects that have been placed there for you. The graphics and sound in this game are fantastic and you really have a good time searching for the hidden objects. All the levels ask you to find different objects, from black leather belts to golden cups and jewellery; the game also gives you a certain amount of time to find these hidden objects or you'll lose. The story of the game begins with a girl named Jenifer, who is just a semester away from graduating from college and she will spend her last summer as a student, searching for lost objects in the sea. You play as Jenifer and dive into the sea in search of lost and forgotten treasures. Sometimes these hidden objects are not as easy to find and you must really spend a lot time looking for things that don't belong in the scene. As you complete levels and find secret hidden objects, you will be able to use these to decorate one of your three personal customizable aquariums. FishDom H2O Hidden Odyssey lets you for your very own aquarium and then uses them as your personal computer's screen saver. This is a very exciting game and you will have a great time playing it.