Fishdom Review

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Top Five Features:
  • The background can be personalized to whatever you prefer
  • There are a lot of fish to choose from and a lot of prizes once you complete the levels
  • You can create your own aquarium, with an application provided by the game
  • You can set your favourite personalized background to be your screen saver
  • The music and sounds are very cool and modern
Ease of Use: It is very easy to move the figures to form line; everything is done with the mouse. You can easily exchange the pictures from one place to another and everything is easy to visualize.

Help and Support: The game has a small tutorial at the beginning of most levels; it tells you about new things that will be going on and where to find them. The game also has a feature that gives you tips on what to do, if you haven't done anything for a certain amount of time. There is also a help menu on the top right hand corner which will instruct you in any more rules you might want to know about.

Summary: The goal of Fishdom is to connect similar figures in a row of three or more; it does not matter whether you do this horizontally or vertically. Fishdom is a very addictive game, after you have played it once, you will be having a hard time letting it go. This ocean themed game is basically a Tetris like game, where you must form lines made out of similar figures; in this game the figures are based on sea creatures, like craw fishes, star fishes, sea shells and more. You must make all the golden figures fit into one of those lines to advance to the next level. Every time you complete a level you earn points and you may then exchange those for special bonuses, which will make the game even more fun. You can either turn on the music or not, but not listening to it might be a real mistake. At times it may get a little complicated to destroy those golden figures, so you can always make lines around special features like bombs and mines which will destroy figures for you and allow you to complete more lines. The background keeps moving while you play, fishes swim by and there are other sea creatures that keep appearing every now and then. A great part of Fishdom is that it allows you to customize the background, so you can see your favourite sea creatures and colours in it. You can then use these backgrounds and set them as your screen saver, which will give your computer an awesome look. Fishdom is the perfect game to spend free time with.