Gem Ball: Ancient Legends Review

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Top Five Features:
  • At least 150 different levels that will give you a good time.
  • Incredible backgrounds, graphics and sounds, they are incomparable.
  • You can explore maps as you complete levels and find some ancient artefacts.
  • The game has an interesting story, which will also teach you about ancient legends.
  • Two game modes, each with many levels and gaming options for you.
Ease of Use: Keeping the ball in play, in this brick breaking arcade game is very easy. All you need to do is move your mouse as the ball approaches and just make sure it doesn't get by you. Once the ball bounces off of you, just keep an eye on it and plan where you want to shoot at next.

Help and Support: The help menu contains everything you need to know about this game. It has a small guide which will lead you through the main game rules. You can also read about the designer and how to contact them.

Summary: This brick breaking game is based on an Egyptian theme and it will take you back to when this empire was the most important of them all. Gem Ball: Ancient Legends will guide you through ancient Egypt as you keep on breaking all the bricks in each level. You will test your ability to keep a 3D ball bouncing and breaking bricks without letting it go by you. The three dimensional graphics and the stupendous sounds, will give you hours of fun for sure. The backgrounds in every level will show some ancient sittings of the Egyptian empire. Not to mention the more than one hundred original levels which you will have to pass. If this isn't enough for you, Gem Ball: Ancient Legends will also tell you an ancient Egyptian story and it will let you find some long and lost precious artefacts. The game is very fun to play and you also get to beat your friends at it, by saving your high scores and daring them. During the struggle of breaking every break in the levels, you will also have the opportunity of acquiring some very useful power ups, like lasers, several balls, guns and much more. By using these you will be able to destroy the bricks in a shorter period of time and you will earn more points. Gem Ball: Ancient Legends has some wonderful features which will make it worth your while.