Gourmania Review

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Top Five Features:
  • More than fifty different and entertaining level
  • Some very cool graphics and pictures, the sounds are also very good.
  • You get to download upgrades for newer versions as soon as they are being released.
  • You can play as long as you want, there is no time limit.
  • You can choose to make your restaurant grow with one of the eight different restaurant options.
Ease of Use: All you need to do in this game is to use your computer's mouse to drag the ingredients that you need to complete your client’s orders. The items are easily found all around your restaurant's kitchen and all you need to do is drag them to the plate and when you are ready, serve it to your customer.

Help and Support: You can view the help menu from the main menu, but you will learn how to play the game with the instructions that the software gives you at the beginning of every level. It is a kind of tutorial which teaches you how to get around the game.

Summary: Gourmania has excellent design and graphics; they really get you into the game. The sounds and music that this game has are also very nice to listen to, you can play for hours and you will not get frustrated with the music. Gourmania is a restaurant simulation game, where you play as the chef and owner. The main point of the game is to be the best chef in the world and to own your very own famous restaurant. The game starts in a fast food restaurant, where you are one of the cooks. As clients come in to the place, they will be making some orders and you have to get everything they want as soon as possible. Your computer's screen will show a kitchen and there will be all kinds of things around it. You can see vegetables, fruits, flowers, eggs, milk, sauces, pans, knives and many other things. As you receive orders, you will get a small type of recipe letting you know what ingredients does each plate is made out of. You must then click and drag those ingredients and put them together on a plate so that your client can eat them. You must make sure to put all the ingredients that are on each recipe and your plate must also look like the picture in the recipe or the clients will not be satisfied. As you advance in the game, you will be able to buy many cool upgrades, which will make your cooking easier. You can buy knives, cooking pans, microwaves and many other fabulous kitchen items. Once you start completing levels you will also be able to advance to a better restaurant. You will start in a small fast food restaurant; you will then make your way to become a sushi restaurant chef and even a bartender where you will learn to serve many delightful cocktails. The point of the game is to complete every level and buy as many kitchen upgrades as you can.