Governer Of Poker Review

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Top Five Features

This game has some of the most incredible graphics that have ever been seen in a poker game. The movement of the players and the table are simply excellent.When looking at their cards, folding, thinking what to do and even when passing down the dealer button, the characters of the game have unique movements. Some characters even play with their chips while thinking of betting or not.

The sound of the game is also incomparable.You can hear the sounds of the cards and chips, and there is a narrator telling you what exactly is going on during the game. Players talk when they are bust or when they get a good hand. There are very few games with so many different sounds.Also, when you are not playing poker during the game the sounds of the town are amazing. You can also hear many different sounds while you are playing, including some that simulate being in a tavern or bar.

Not only do you play poker in this game, but you also try to conquer the state of Texas with the earnings you get from Texas Hold'em tournaments. You create a character that will be going around town playing in tournaments and earning money. He can then start to buy houses and other businesses in various Texas towns. The point of the game is to become the Governor of Texas, which adds a very special touch to the game.

Another interesting fact about this game is that every character you play against has a name, all of which are important poker celebrities.It does get harder as you advance but if it didn't then it would be very boring. The characters are interesting and they do make you feel like you are playing in a real tournament.

The game is very fast and has several options to make it go faster. For example, if you do not want to wait and see all the poker hands when you are folding then there is a button to skip to the next hand after you fold.This saves a few minutes of every hand and it makes the tournament seem shorter. This way you can also spend some time trying to actually become the Governor of Texas.

Ease Of Use

The game is very easy to use.If you have ever played poker online, it is basically the same with the only difference being that this game has excellent graphics and sound. Everything is self explanatory and you do get some pop up tips every now and then if you choose not to disable them. You get the same buttons as in every poker game - raise, fold, check, call, etc. The menu is very simple and you do not get confused at any time.

Help And Support

The help menu in the game is easy to understand. You can also access different options from the main menu to adjust the game to your personal style.You can also communicate with the people who created the software by e-mail or through their website.

The top three reasons to choose Governor Poker would have to be first of all their fantastic graphics and sounds, both elements of which make the game better than most. You would also have to consider choosing this game because it offers different ways of playing. You can just play poker or try to become the owner of every property in the state of Texas. Another good reason to choose this game would be because you can play at different levels and every character throughout the game has a different poker style, which means that you will always have different opponents and it makes the game feel much more life-like.