Infinite Jigsaw Puzzle Review

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Top Five Features:
  • At least 100 jigsaw puzzle levels.
  • You can set the puzzles to be as difficult as you want them to be.
  • You can download more jigsaw puzzles from the Internet.
  • You can upload your personal picture to the software and use them to create your very own jigsaw puzzle.
  • The software also offers you a hint feature if you don't know what to do next.
Ease of Use: The game is very easy to play, moving and rotating the pieces around the screen is simple and itís no hard work at all. By using your mouse and clicking on the puzzle pieces, you can move them easily from one place to another. The game's menus and options are also easy to find and select with the help of your mouse.

Help and Support: You can learn how to play the game by reading the guide in the help menu. You can find this menu in the main screens of the game; before you start it appears right beside you, when you are setting your game options. Support is also available by the game's company and the contact information can be found in the help menu.

Summary: Solving puzzles on your computer is by far a much better way to try your puzzle solving techniques, than having a real life puzzle. Infinite Jigsaw puzzle contains many different puzzles for you to solve. This software also gives you the choice of making your puzzle as big or as small as you want. By this I mean you can choose how many pieces, will your puzzle have and you can also choose to change the shape of each puzzle piece to make the game even more interesting. Infinite Jig Saw puzzle also features some of the highest quality pictures you have ever seen, these pictures will become the puzzle itself after you select them. This software also allows you to rotate the puzzle pieces in any way you want, so that you can figure out where the piece should fit at. As a player, you can also change the colours of the pieces and the background to make your jigsaw experience much more personalized and fun. Once in a while you may have some problems deciding which piece goes where and you may become stuck solving your puzzle; Infinite Jigsaw Puzzle has a new feature which will aid you on your next decision, it is a hint feature which will let you know what your next possible moves are and what to do. This game has a lot of new features which not every jigsaw puzzle software offers. Infinite Jigsaw Puzzle not only contains the best puzzles ever, it also has some very interesting graphics and some sounds that will blow your mind away.