Jewel of Atlantis Review

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Top Five Features:
  • Two different game modes for you to enjoy this game.
  • More than 100 different puzzles and levels for you to try and complete.
  • At least 15 different hidden objects for you to discover.
  • Amazing graphics and sounds, the graphics are in 3D and the sounds just take your mind to another place.
  • The symbols and figures in each puzzle are very original and unique.
Ease of Use: To understand how easy it is to play this game, you can just begin the first level and find out. You select every figure in the puzzle with your mouse and move them with it as well. You can easily identify which figures belong together and which don't. Moving around the game is the simplest thing ever.

Help and Support: If you have any problem shooting the game, you can contact the game's designers by sending them an email. The game also begins with a small tutorial on how to complete the puzzles and it also has a hint feature which will give you tips on what move to make next.

Summary: If you want to spend a few of hours of intriguing fun, you must try Jewel of Atlantis. This game will take you to the unknown world of the lost city of Atlantis. You must complete the more than 100 levels in this game and find all of the lost ancient relics. Each new thing that you find will make you want to keep looking for more, but first you must complete the puzzles. Jewel of Atlantis first game mode is to play a game where you must place similar figures in sets of three. Each time you connect three similar figures in a row or group you will get points and you will get closer to completing that level. You must complete as many sets of three as you possibly can, before the clock comes to an end. This is a timed based game and you must also collect the items that are between the figures by forming line under them. The points that you make by forming lines will then be helpful for buying artefacts and finding other secret ancient items. Jewel of Atlantis has some very cool graphics and you will actually find yourself day dreaming about the beautiful backgrounds in this game. This game was created with a lot of imagination and if the ancient city of Atlantis really existed, I suppose this is how it once looked. Some levels will take you under the sea to explore the sunken city and others will show you the moment of the destruction. No matter what level you are playing in, the arcade puzzles will be challenging and fun.