Links 2003 Course Pack Review

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Top Five Features:
  • New courses to add on to your collection of this great golf game.
  • Excellent sound and graphics, making the game seem more realistic.
  • Some errors and patches have been fixed for the original game.
  • Your character can now have more clothing and more golf equipment to choose from.
  • Buying this pack saves you money; itís a better option than buying each course alone.
Ease of Use: Installing this course pack is as easy as inserting the CD into the CD-ROM. Everything is self explainable; all you need is to have the Links 2003 game installed in your computer already. Moving your character's swing and learning to set yourself for a round of golf, is very easy and it is all done with your mouse or joystick.

Help and Support: The game has its own guide and help menu, you can easily find it in every window of the game. You can also visit the game's website for more information on any problems. Contacting the game's support team is also very easily through their web site or e mail.

Summary: Links 2003 is one of the most famous golf simulation games ever; this is a special course pack, which includes some of the most famous golf courses around the world. After installing the Links 2003 Course Pack to your computer you will be able to play more courses than you could already. You will be able to play courses like Cabo del Sol, Cambrian Ridge and many others. The sound and graphics have also been improved and everything has a little more detail in it. Sounds are even more real than before and you can now hear more of mother nature, thanks to this course pack. By installing this on your computer you also save some money, if you buy each course separately, the game will end up costing a lot more. This adds on is one the best ways to expand your golfing experience. By adding these courses to your computer you can also enter the online tournaments played at these courses, which you are not able to enter, if you don't have this installed. Links 2003 Course Pack includes a great collection of golf courses that anyone will surely enjoy. These courses test your golfing skills even more, providing you with new views, backgrounds, golfing equipment, golfing characters and many other options. Playing golf on your computer is now more interesting thanks to this excellent adds on.