Luxor Review

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Top Five Features:
  • Very modern graphics they make the game what it is the movement of the balls is just magnificent.
  • The melodies are great; you get to listen to something different every level.
  • Many upgrades as you increase levels.
  • Many hidden secrets to unlock in every level.
  • Keep track of your highest scores and beat your friends
Ease of Use: This game is very easy to use all you have to do is point your mouse at the direction you want to shoot the ball at. It's as simple as placing the pointer of the mouse in the desired location and just clicking on the left hand mouse button. Anyone can do it.

Help and Support: The game contains its own help menu in its main page, where you can find most of the answers to your problems. If you can't find it there you can always visit the game's website to find some extra support. There you can find downloads and other guides to help you fix any problem you might have.

Summary: Luxor is a game where you must shoot at pairs or groups of the same species. You are basically shooting at some very colourful and well designed marbles. These balls or marbles are moving around your computer's screen, in one of the many different designed levels for you. The balls all have different colours and when some of them group together you shoot them by aiming your mouse at them, this gives you points and helps you complete every level. As you complete levels and shoot these balls you will also discover some incredible hidden secrets which will help you unlock hidden levels and prices. Luxor is a very entertaining game; you can spend hours shooting at the colourful marbles and enjoy some of the coolest songs ever. This game also has some very cool sounds which fit perfectly with every level's song. The game is very interesting because you can find a different thing in every level. Every level has a theme and a different background which make Luxor a very original game. The point of the game is to get as many points as you possibly can, while completing the levels. The problem is you have to do it before the clock reaches the end, because if you don't you will surely have to start over or try to complete that level again. It is no easy task to look at all the marbles and decide where to shoot in a matter of seconds. But, once you have mastered your shooting and you learn how to earn the most points, this will surely get you a spot in the hall of fame for the game. Every level increases significantly in its speed and the difficulty of actually shooting the marbles; every level you complete will make you feel good about yourself. Luxor is a game that will challenge you a lot.