Machines at War Review

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Top Five Features:
    There are at least seven large maps for you to conquer and test your battle skills at.
    The game can be expanded with add on's and extra maps, which are ready for you to download.
    You can choose to build and play with at least 50 different machines.
    There are many new technologies which you can achieve and use to make your country better than you enemies.
    You can personalize the entire game options to make you feel more comfortable when playing.
Ease of Use:
    This game can easily be controlled using your mouse.  You simply select the infantry or machines you want to move and then click on the exact position you want them to go.  If you want to build something you simply select the place you want it to be built and the worker will go there and construct it.  All the controls appear in the bottom and can be selected with a few click of your mouse.
Help and Support:
    You can enter the help menu to learn all the rules and different ways that you can win in this game.  The guide is very thorough and the result of the game will entirely depend on the decisions you make. The help menu can also be accessed while the game is in pause mode.  The game also has a tutorial, which pops up the first time you play.  This tutorial really helps you understand what you need to do in the game.
    I can imagine that, being a war general is no easy task at all, risking the lives of many soldiers and still having to worry about innocent lives, must be a stressing job.  A machine at War gives you the chance of becoming a leader and war general.  You are in front of your very own country and you must take your civilization to the top.  You must be careful because other countries are also growing and they may want to attack you.  Maybe you are more of an ambitious person and you will train and equip your army with the best machines and technologies, so that you can conquer the entire map.  It said that to win a war, one must have a perfect strategy and in case that doesn't work, imagination and courage are your only way out.  In Machine at War you will have to plan a strategy and place every single character and machine in your army in the exact position at the exact moment.  You must defend your population and make your country grow.  You can choose to increase your science section and learn about new war technologies that will surely give you a boost when fighting against your enemies.  Machines at War also give you the opportunity to build some very frightening war machines, which will make lot of noise and destroy all of your enemies.  You must start by planning how you are going to make your city grow, once you get going you must plan to defend it a little, then you may start thinking about conquering the entire world.