Magic Ball Review

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Top Five Features:

  1. Lots of different weapons and power ups which, will either help you or make it more difficult for you.
  2. Everything is designed with a three dimensional look.
  3. There are many different levels all of which have different obstacles waiting for you.
  4. You can keep track of your best games by saving them in the high score list.
  5. There are some special game packs which you can add to the game to get more levels.

Ease of Use:
Its a fast playing game but it is easy to play. You must move your mouse as fast as you can and click at the correct times, if you have good eye sight the game will be definitely easier for you. You only have to keep your eye on the ball the rest is just basic instincts.

Help and Support :
The help menu can be accessed by pressing the escape key while playing and then choosing the option. The other way to read the guide is by going the help menu from the starting menu. The guides will tell you all about the instructions of the game, the power ups and the helpful information for solving problems.

Destroying things is always fun, in Magic Ball you get to make a ball bounce against your board, so that the ball will hit the cubes and destroy them. The main goal of the game is to destroy all of the blocks before the time on the clock runs out or you loose all of your lives. Every new level that you play contains more blocks than the past and it just keeps getting harder and harder. The time on the clock also starts going by a little faster every time. Taking care of your lives is also very important, you only start with three and if you lose them all then it will be a game over for you. You must make sure that the ball never goes by you, because if it does you will lose a life. Some blocks contain special weapons and power ups which will either help you destroy the resting blocks or they will give you a very hard time finishing the level on time. Some cool weapons in this game are guns, lasers and getting more than one ball to hit the blocks with. Some power ups are not so helpful like the one where the ball goes real fast or real slow, they can both get you off your normal game and make you lose lives. Other power ups make unbreakable blocks appear in the game which makes it really hard for you to get to the blocks that you actually need to be hitting. Magic Ball will also keep your high scores for you and it will give you hours of fun sure.