Net Spite and Malice Review

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Top Five Features:

  1. There is a live chat window which allows you to talk with other players while playing against them.
  2. The game has an option to play against other players online or against the computer.
  3. Nice graphics and sounds, the decks are very colourful and have great designs.
  4. The settings allow the player to set the speed of the game, which is very convenient.
  5. You can test your skills in one of the five different levels
Ease of Use:
You can learn to play this game in a matter of minutes.  It is not hard to handle and the rules are very easy to understand.   You can move all the cards with the mouse and you can access all the menus with your mouse or keyboard.

Help and Support:
You can learn all about the rules in the game's web page and there you can also find support for any problems you may be having. There is also a help menu in top of the game screen at all times.  There is also an online help tutorial and a tutorial that can be turned on at all times while playing. 
Net Spite and Malice is an exciting card game.  This game is very similar to other card games; in this game you must place each card where it belongs and finish your stack of cards before your opponent finishes his.  You have to place each set of cards (hearths, diamonds, spades and clovers) in the correct order.  You get turns choosing cards and placing them in position, either against the computer or against another real person.  Either way you play the cards you are first dealt need to be out of your hands before the entire turns end.  You can play against other people through the Internet or by connecting your computers to a LAN network.  This game also has a feature known as a live chat window.  This window appears in the main screen of the card game and allows you to talk to other players while playing.  This makes it much more fun and it even makes it more challenging. you can even organize tournaments or different kinds of bets with your friends, or simply play for the fun of it. The designs of the deck of cards are very modern and cool; they are not your normal card figures.  You can also change the settings of the game to your needs. For example you can change the game's background at anytime from the options menu, right on top of the main window.  You can also set the speed of the game to your level and time; maybe you are doing something else on your computer, then you can set the game's speed to slow and do your work while still enjoying a nice game of cards.  Net Spite and Malice is a game for those people who like to be clever.