Pokie Magic: Dragon Dollars Review

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Top Five Features:

  1. Nice graphics they are very interesting and they are also in 3D.
  2. Lucky Coin Feature which will add tons of coins to you cash.
  3. You get to enjoy 18 additional games when you unlock the Mystic Yin Feature.
  4. Jade Jewel Jackpot is the hardest to get yet the best bonus ever.
  5. The last reel can become a wild card if you activate this bonus round.

Ease of Use:
This game is easy to control, you move everything with your computer's mouse and you just have to click on the different menus and options.  You can understand how to play this game in a few minutes. Anyone can play this game and enjoy for a long time.
Help and Support:
You can ask for support using the contact information in the game's designer main web page, they will help you solve any problems you might have.  The help menu clearly explains how you should play the game and what your options are.
This slot machine game has it all, it simply was designed to give you the most great gaming experience.  Pokie Magic Dragon Dollars has hundredths of different levels and some very special bonus rounds that will give you the chance of winning more dollars and prizes.  This game is all about how much luck you have and how constant you are.  The more you play and the longer you stay playing, the more chances that you will have of hitting the jackpot.  Pokie Magic Dragon Dollars is a casino game which theme is some Chinese stylish dragons and props.  The game has several special round bonuses like the lucky coin, the jade jewel jackpot and the mystic yin round.  All of these will be available only after you have formed or gotten some of the special wild cards that will unlock these special rounds.  The mystic yin bonus round also offers you the opportunity of unlocking even more secret levels.  You could unlock up to 18 additional games if you play the mystic yin round correctly.  The easiest way of becoming rich in this game is by finding all the jade jewels in that bonus round, this will let you have the biggest jackpot in the game and you will surely make the high score section.  Pokie Magic Dragon Dollars will draw you into a fantastic Chinese world of ancient monsters and will make you spend many hours trying to find that jade jewel.