Pokie Magic: Gallop for Gold Review

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Top Five Features:

  1. More than five different bonus rounds for you to try your luck.
  2. You can download the five and six reel slot machine game modes.
  3. The Colt Cash Feature is a special bonus round, which will give you more money on each spin.
  4. More than 25 additional bonus rounds when you get the bookie symbols in a line.
  5. The Deluxe Edition will let you breed and train your very own race horse.

Ease of Use:
An easy game to play, in the slot machine game mode all you need to do is click on the betting buttons with your mouse and the rest is just luck. If you are playing the Deluxe Edition you will have more controls but they are also very easy to understand; mostly everything is done with your mouse also.

Help and Support:
Almost every option in this game is pretty much self understandable, if you do encounter any problems you can contact the game's creator via email or by visiting their web page. A help menu is also available in the start up game screen. You can find lots of information about the different options you have to win.

Playing a game where you have the opportunity of increasing your wallet's funds is always a fun game to play. Slot machines can be found in every casino in the world, simply because they are one of the most popular betting games. If you just can't get enough of these machines you can now enjoy them in the comfort of your house or office. With Pokie Magic: Gallop for Gold you will be testing your luck with some beautiful race horse entertainment. The figures on all of the slot machines resemble those of a horse race; even the sounds will make you remember a hot and sunny day at the race track. Pokie Magic: Gallop for Gold includes many bonus rounds and special features which will give you more money as you bet on the casino machines. The game gives you the option to play with five and six reels on the machines, which will definitely make you enjoy the game a lot more. If you play the Deluxe Edition you will find some real fantastic features. This edition will let you manage your own race horse stables; with the money you earn at the casino, you can buy race horses, train them and then race them, you can even make some money by betting on them. Watching your horse’s race after you have trained them is a real joy and Pokie Magic: Gallop for Gold will let you enjoy that and more.