Pokie Magic:Kalahari Sun Review

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Top Five Features:

  1. Amazing graphics and sounds, very real, they actually move like the real thing.
  2. There are numerous types of bets you can play in this slot machine game, just like the machines you find in modern casinos.
  3. A new Australian theme containing, animals, plants and other figures from the continent.
  4. The new scoring system and the ability to save scores is very good.
  5. There are different ways in which you can play and try your luck at.

Ease of Use:
This game is very easy to use, you control everything with a mouse or in case you don't have one with the keyboard.  Every button has its on name and the letters are easy to understand and read.  If you understand casino games you'll have no problem understanding how this game works.
Help and Support:
The starting window of this game has a help icon which will explain how everything works and which are your options to win.  In this help menu you can also find some other information in case you have to contact the people who made or sold you the game.  
Kalahari Sun is a very fun game to play.  It's a simulation of a modern casino slot machine game, only this one is based on an Australian theme. Watching animal life while betting is more fun than you can ever imagine. The figures in the screen resemble most of the environment that you can find in the Australian continent.  You have some kangaroos, ant eaters, koalas and other Australian animals on your screen, rolling and stopping constantly.  Every time one of those animals stops in the centre of the slot machine, you get a different and exciting sound.  If you do earn a price or win a bet, the sounds are fascinating. You can even enjoy some wonderful Australian melodies, while you enjoy your betting evening. Kalahari Sun allow you to play in three different game modes, each with its own characteristics and exciting rules. The first and most common game mode that Kalahari Sun lets you play is a normal modern slot machine game, the next exciting game mode consists of drums or barrels, which are filled with hidden prices and figures or you can choose to play the most difficult game mode of them all, where you get to choose what jackpot you would want to win.  You start with a certain amount of coins and try your luck at a slot machine and then hope you make it to the top of the high score list.  This high score feature allows you to try and beat yourself and others every time you play.  Kalahari Sun involves some thinking and a lot of luck.  Once the Australian characters start rolling right in front of your eyes and you start listening to the wonderful sounds of the continent, all you have to do is waiting for the sound of a jackpot for you.