Pokie Magic Mega Hearts 2 Review

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Top Five Features:

  1. This game has some of the rarest yet more entertaining graphics I have seen.
  2. The slot machines can be set to have five figures, six figures or even seven figures in one single line.
  3. Features like the teddy feature, the super teddy feature and the mega teddy feature will give nice bonuses.
  4. There is a choc pot prize which will either earn you great bonuses or return you to the basics.
  5. You can download extra updates and bonuses to make the game more exciting.

Ease of Use:
The game controls are all easy to see and you can move them with the mouse.† You only have to click on the buttons and the software will do the rest for you.† Watching the figures roll around in slot machine is all you really have to do, just wait to see if you get a bonus.

Help and Support:
The help instructions are real helpful and they explain how you are supposed to play the game.† The help menu also tells you all about the prizes and bonuses you can win and add to your game.† The game's web site also has some basic information for you to learn how the game works.

This is a very cute game, teddy bears and hearts are everywhere, it is simply a very cute game.† Betting on the slot machines has never been as romantic and sweet.† The game is basically a casino slot machine, where you place your bet, hit a button and watch the figures roll around hoping they will stop in a line where you win the jackpot.† The figures in this slot machine are made out of normal card deck figures like kings, queens and jacks; you can also see some teddy bears and lots of hearts around you.† The game has an unlimited play time; this means you can keep rolling the slots for as long as you want and you as long as you have enough funds.† The game can be set to make it as hard as you want, you can set the slot lines to be as small as four figures and up to seven figures in a single line.† This either increases or decreases your possibilities of actually winning a jack pot. If you get lucky and some figures form a line according to the game rules, you will be entering different contests like the teddy feature, the super teddy feature and the mega teddy feature.† These are all extra round or contests where you can try your luck at and earn more than you would in the normal game mode.† You can also gain access to the teddy bonus wheel, where you can win one of the four different bonuses; these will also increase your winnings or make you lose a lot.† You can also try your luck at winning the choc pot jack pot, if you get lucky and a golden teddy bear appears in your slot machine.† Pokie Magic Mega Hearts 2 is a entertaining game to play and itís an excellent game for a Valentine's Day.