Pokie Magic:Polar Pays Review

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Top Five Features:

  1. There are many special bonuses which will pay you double or even more.
  2. A penguin fishing feature which will give lots of unexpected prizes and surprises.
  3. A special game where penguins will race; you get to pick one and see if it wins.
  4. The music is very original and cool.
  5. The game comes as a three for one package, which will give you more betting options.

Ease of Use:
The casino machines basically spin by themselves; all you need to do is pray so that you get some of the prizes.  The game can be controlled with your mouse or keyboard and it is very easy to learn how to play.  Even the special bonus rounds are easy to control.
Help and Support:
The game has it guide which can be viewed in the help menu which is easily located in main game screen.  In this guide you will find all the rules, you can read about the bonus stages of the game and even see a chart with the prizes.
This game is all about betting and trying your luck at a slot machine.  If you have ever been to a casino and played these types of machine, Pokie Magic Polar Pays will be some nice experience for you.  This game will take you to the land of penguins, the game has beautiful graphics and the penguins are very funny.  The game's main music is also very addicting, you may even hum it while you are not playing.  Pokie Magic Polar Pays has three different game modes; the reels in the slot machines are bigger in some of them, expanding your betting possibilities and cash awards.  The game also has some special features, like the penguin fishing feature, where you will pick one penguin from three and they will begin to fish for undersea prizes, you will only win the prize that the penguin you chose has.  Some of the figures in the machine, like the seal figure and the polar bear will give you different types of awards, like double the pay or even five to ten times the amount that it says there.  These are great ways of increasing your chances of winning in one single spin.  The best part of this game is when you get to the penguin race.  This bonus round is a seven penguin race and they must make the finish line first and without getting hit by the snowballs that are being thrown by the dangerous polar bear.  Pokie Magic Polar Rays is very fun to play and has some incredible bonus rounds that will make it even more fun to play.