Pokie Magic Slots 5 Game Megapack Review

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Top Five Features:

  1. Expands your pokie magic game by giving you more slot machines to play.
  2. Enhanced graphics which look very differently from the normal pack.
  3. More ways of winning and betting.
  4. Different figures on each slot machine, which make the game more exciting.
  5. The sounds are also different adding originality to the game.

Ease of Use:
This is a very simple game to play, all you need to do is set your bets and simply click on the button which will make the slot machine roll.  Then you just wait to see the result and if you get a winning combination you will get some coins.
Help and Support:
The game has an easy to understand help menu which can be found in the first window of the game or while you are playing.  The game's company also offers support if you have any technological problems.  The help menu also has some good tips on fixing things.
Slots machines are famous for making people addicted to them and taking away a large sum of money from their pockets.  This game will help you control the addiction you might have to slots machines.  Pokie Magic 5 Game Mega pack adds more slot machines for you to play.  Now you can play the slots without losing any real money, which is a real advantage.  No longer, does the house win all the time.  This game mega pack contains new and addictive casino games for you to add to your Pokie Magic software.  This game mega pack will give you more hours of fun and it can be played by you and your friends.  Pokie Magic has a high score section which will keep up with all of the scores in the game, this lets you compete against your friends or it lets you try and break your own record every time.  This game mega pack really make Pokie Magic much more interesting and fun.  The figures in the new slot machines are real nice and fun to look at.  The sounds also vary from the other Pokie Magic slot machines, it gives an original touch to every single machine.  If you have enjoyed playing Pokie Magic then this add on will make your gaming experience more entertaining.  There is nothing like a game that lets you keep on adding levels and updates every now and then.  Pokie Magic 5 Game Mega pack includes some very exciting themes.