Pokie Magic: The Golden Vault Review

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Top Five Features:

  1. The cash diamond feature will let you win more cash with diamonds if you get three dollar symbols while playing in normal game mode.
  2. The Wild Diamond Bonus will be available only in the cash diamond feature, you must get some of the wild card diamonds that appear here, for you to win extra cash.
  3. The Cash Vault Feature also gets you more cash and vaults, but you must first get three or more cash vaults in your spin.
  4. The Cash Vault Bonus will only work in the cash vault feature and when three safes appear you will also get an unexpected prize.
  5. The Billion Dollar Jackpot feature will only be available in the cash diamond and cash vault games; you will have the chance to win up to a million dollars in one spin.

Ease of Use:
This game is very easy to play all you have to do is move your mouse to click the spin button and choose your bets. Once you have done this the game will spin the slot machine and you just have to wait and see how much luck you will have that day.
Help and Support:
The main menu in this game contains the help menu which will explain in full detail what you need to do. It will tell you about how you should play the game, what different types of bets you can make and it will even tell you all about the special bonus sections and how you can win there too.
Pokie Magic - Golden Vault is an excellent casino simulation game. There are many different ways for you to increase your cash in this game. You can either play in normal game mode and go for the normal cash prizes, but if you have a bit of good luck you may also get the chance to play the special bonus game modes, which will give you prizes that you never imagined. Pokie Magic - Golden Vault has some incredible graphics and sounds, playing a casino slot machine have many different sounds and this game really takes it to the next level. The normal game mode has some wild cards which will help you win extra cash but if you get some of these in a three row formation then you will get into a special games section. By getting three dollar symbols you will enter the cash diamond feature, which not only offers valuable diamond prizes but also gives you a chance of entering the wild diamond bonus which will add more cash to your stash every time you win. The cash vault feature can also be accessed by getting three cash vaults in a row in one spin. Entering this game mode will give you a chance to buy one of the nine different security vaults available in the game, depending on how much cash vault dollars you have accumulated until then. With a little luck you can also enter the cash vault bonus level from there and if you get three or more vaults in a row, you will earn an unexpected prize. Your best chance of becoming a millionaire in Pokie Magic - Golden Vault is to make your way into the Billion Dollar Jackpot game where you will get the chance to earn tons of cash, up to one million dollars only for you. Pokie Magic - Golden Vault also has a roulette game where you can earn tons of cash too.