Prime Minister Forever - British + Commonwealth Review

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Top Five Features

  1. This is an extremely real strategy game because all the options in the game are almost like what goes on in reality.You must have some knowledge of electoral campaigns, politics and other strategies to fully understand this game.It is not your conventional game because it actually does get you thinking and involved.
  2. You can choose to play against computer opponents, all of whom you can customize in any desired way. Your opponents can become aggressive or passive, depending on how their different skills are set. You can also play against human opponents and they will of course have their own unique and special skills for you to beat.
  3. One excellent feature of this game is that you can choose to play in so many different ways. It is all about what you decide is best for your party.You can choose from any of the actual political parties in the United Kingdom and modify the way you run your campaign. You can also choose the best strategy for you to win with and even the places that are the best to assist you.
  4. The graphics and sounds are not that complex but you will not have to worry much about this because there is so much more going on in the game that you will have a good time.Your decision in the game will influence what actually occurs after you make those decisions, which makes it much more life-like.
  5. One thing I really like about this game is that in the main game window you can view most of your stats and other vital information for you to maintain a good political. If you cannot find something then there is undoubtedly an icon in this window that will lead you to that information.

Ease Of Use

The game is not hard to understand at all. You do need a little political strategy knowledge to help you out but anyone can play the game. The icons are self explanatory and most of the information needed for you to play appears in the main game window. This window redirects you to all of the game options and lets you stay in control of your campaign.

Help And Support

The game provides you with a help section that explains the point of the game.It will also tell you how to get started and what kind of strategy you should employ.The rules and instructions of the game are all in there.An email contact and address for the software company is available in the help and support section but you can also visit their webpage if you ever encounter any problems.

Prime Minister Forever is a strategy game that will really get you involved. You must have a little political knowledge to fully understand this game though. The point of the game is for you to lead, playing Tony Blair, to a third consecutive win. This is not easy at all because you have to start from zero and actually get all the votes you need to win. All of your decisions are taken into account and will determine the way the game is heading and where it will end. You can manage your campaign and choose the best ways to beat your opponents.more interesting.