Smugglers 3 Add-on Review

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Top Five Features:

  1. More game modes to play like, becoming a gladiator, marrying the love of your character's life and even make money by betting on your favourite gladiators.
  2. More ships added to the ship dealer in the game.
  3. More pictures and ways to personalize your character.
  4. More weapons to buy and battle with.
  5. The sounds and graphics have been updated and are even better.

Ease of Use:
This game has the same type of windows as Smugglers 3 itís very easy to get yourself around the game.† The commands for everything are all controlled with your mouse.† You can very easily read all of the possible options you have.† There is also a small description of what you are doing, when you point your mouse pointer at it.

Help and Support:
The main screen of the game has an icon where you get redirected to the game's web page.† There you can find all kinds of help and support, whether you need help with the rules or you have troubleshooting the game.† In the main screen of the game you can also find an icon which will guide you through the game's tutorial.† Here you will learn all the basics of the game, as well as learn what you are able to do.

Smugglers 3 is a fabulous strategy game with this add-on, the game becomes even better.† There are many more missions for you to complete with Smugglers 3 Add-On.† Now you can train your character to become the best gladiator in the arenas around the galaxy.† You can customize him with many different weapons, choose the way he acts and fights so that he can defeat his opponent in the arena.† If he does well the people will like him and pay more for seeing him, which means more money for you.† You can also go around talking to beautiful characters and find the love of your character's life.† Your character can now find the person of his dreams, spend time with them, buy those gifts and even marry them if you think they are the right person for your character.† This update is good because no one wants to spend their time flying from one planet to another by themselves, everybody needs a companion.† You can also make your character famous by going into the many bars in every planet and challenging others to a drinking game.† The Smugglers 3 add-on has a feature which will let you know how drunk your character and your opponent are, whoever falls first looses.† This is great way of making money and having some free beers in the game.† You can also earn tons of cash by betting on the best gladiators in the galaxy.† You can go to the arenas but as a spectator.† You must take a good quantity of cash if you want to make some, the people who don't risk something don't win.† Smugglers 3 add-on is the perfect update for the game, besides these cool features you also get more ships to choose from and many more weapons to defend yourself.† There are also some new updates so that you can earn different badges and be the most respectful character around.† Smugglers 3 add-on is one of a kind.