Smugglers 3 Review

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Top Five Features:

  1. Itís very easy and fast to get from one place in the game to the other.† You only click with your mouse and it only takes a few instants to get to your destination.
  2. There are many more space ships to buy and update than in previous versions of the game.
  3. There are more planets, many new adventures and missions to complete.
  4. The sound is just incredible; there are so many sounds, which make the game real interesting.
  5. Your character can be personalized to what you want and you can even update it by levelling up and getting badges.

Ease of Use:
The controls in this game are easy to use and find.† They can all be found in the main windows of the game.† The menus have comprehensible letters and its only a matter of reading a little to find what you need.

Help and Support:
The help menu is always on the top of the screen.† There you can find the rules and strategies to play this game.† You can also find the email and website of the game's developer in the help, in case you encounter any problems with the software.

A smuggler 3 is a great strategy game.† In this game you get to fly in space, visiting different planets and finding ways of earning some money.† The many space ships that you get to choose from are cool and the sound of the weapons is excellent.† A smuggler 3 has many options for personalizing your characters and you can even earn badges for him as you complete missions and levels.† You can also get involved in the war and take your chances at gaining more power and strength or losing it all.† The game has very good features like all the different weapons and upgrades which you can add to your character and ship as you gain more money.