Spooky Spins Review

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Top Five Features:

  1. Very unique scary Halloween characters which move and make noises
  2. The design of the game is very nice and it differs from other similar games
  3. You have the option of betting in many different ways, choosing as many as twenty lines per bet.
  4. There is an option where you can open more free games if you accomplish some tasks first.
  5. The random game play will give you the opportunity to win one of the various spots in the game.

Ease of Use:
Very easy to use you must only set with the mouse your bet and then make the slot machine work by clicking on the correct icon.
Help and Support:
You can contact the game's developer through their web page or by email.  The help in the game contains the instructions on how to play, how to set the bets, winning options and it also explains the different game modes.
Spooky Spins is a modern slot machine game right on your computer screen, the only difference from a real slot machine and Spooky Spins is, that you get to enjoy your favourite Halloween characters while playing.  This software imitates a slot machine, but the figures or characters in them are scary Halloween monsters like, witches, ware wolves, death, ghosts and others.  The game also has some number and letter figures, that when combined with the other Halloween figures, you get many different prices or something unpredictable happens.  The sounds are very good and add a lot of activity when the slot machine is rolling. Also when some of the Halloween figures appear on the screen, they will make some noises that you were not expecting at all and they will make your skin turn white for sure.  Spooky Spins allows you to set the game's settings as you desire.  This can be done easily from the main menu of the game.  There are many different bets that you can make, just like the bets that you can make on a real life casino slot machine, this way you either win the largest jackpot or loose all your coins in a little while. Halloween has never been as exciting, you can have your friends come over and play a game of slots and even scare them a bit. Once you have your friend playing the slots, then you can all try and place first on the high score feature that Spooky Spins has.  This high score menu will keep track of all your bets and winnings, which makes it an exciting way to compete against your friends.  A great thing about Spooky Spins is that you bet play money or fake money, which won’t affect your economy at all in these hard times.  Spooky Spins is a very original game and if you like playing the slot machines, this is nice software for you.