Star Defender 4 Review

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Top Five Features:
Missions that last longer than normal levels and have a boss at the final scene that you must defeat.
    More than one hundred different entertaining levels.
    Many different spaceship and air craft’s for you to choose from and destroy.
    More unique and powerful weapons for you to use against our enemies.
    You can use some cheats like immortality and missile strikes which will give you an advantage over your enemies.
Ease of Use:
Your computer's mouse is the only thing you will need to move your spaceship and fight enemies.  You control all the moves very simply and it only takes a few minutes to understand how you play this game.
Help and Support:
The main game screen contains three menus, the start game menu, the options menu and the exit menu.  In the start game menu you will begin playing but you will get a small tutorial to help you get started.  The options menu will let you set the game's preferences and you can also go to a helpful guide which lets you understand more how this game works.
Space fighting has always been of huge interest to many gamers.  Star Defender 4 has evolved from its beginning to become one truly magnificent space war game.  In this new edition of the game, you will find some new weapons that will help you fight your alien enemies, some of these weapons include flame throwers, machine guns and missiles.  These will certainly give you a winning edge over your alien enemies.  Star Defender 4 also gives you the opportunity to select some of the new space ships that the game designer placed in and you will also get to see some new enemy ships and aliens who will defy your space ships commanding abilities.  The graphics and sounds have also been improved in Star Defender 4 and give the game a little extra amusement.  This game also has many levels all of which have unique backgrounds and places for you to fly your space craft through.  If you feel like you have become a master of Star Defender 4, you can always test your skills in one of the eight new missions this game has for you.  These missions are not short and easy at all to complete, and you will fight against a dominant and scary boss at the end of each mission.  Destroying your enemies with this game's weapons is such a good feeling you will never want to stop playing Star Defender 4.