Tanx Review

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Top Five Features

  1. The different camera modes you are able to use while playing this war tank simulating game are amazing.  You have access to many different views so that you can move your tank correctly and destroy all of your enemies. 
  2. The map window in this game is really effective for finding the position of your enemies.  The terrain in the main window may sometimes be a little confusing while in the tank main camera mode but thanks to the map window, which functions as a radar, it complements the rest of the camera modes.
  3. The weaponry sounds and explosions are incredible.  They make realistic noises and the images are very good too.  They make a great addition to this war tank game and you also have the option to turn them off if you do not like them.  However, be warned that the game would not be as good.
  4. The tank's movements are what I believe to be how a real tank would feel.  It moves in a robotic way, slowly at first but then quickly once it gets going.  The graphics are very good, especially when the tank moves over obstacles or rough terrain.
  5. Your opponents in this game are actually hard to hit and they do defend themselves pretty well. This makes the game much more interesting to play.  There are also many different levels to access as you increase your skills.

Ease Of Use
    The tank you command in this game is easy to handle.  The game’s graphics give you a view of the inside of the tank within which you can control the view of the map or radar, the weapon you are going to be using and where you want to aim it at.  You control everything by clicking the buttons of your mouse.  Every command comes with a small icon and denoting what the command is so you can learn quickly.
Help And Support
    In the main window of your tank and in the toolbar that acts as the dashboard of your tank, you can easily view a help icon. Clicking on it can enable you to find out how to move your tank, use your weapons and even read about the point of the game.  If you have any questions then you can always access the FAQ section or try contacting the game's designer directly from their web page. They also have an online chat facility via which you find support for any of your problems.
    Tanx is a war tank game and your main objective is to destroy as many of the opponent’s tanks as you can.  The game puts you inside of a tank and you decide where to move it, what weapon to use for attacking others and at what moment to exactly attack.  The explosions in this game are excellent, as are the graphics of the missiles and other bombs moving to their target.  Their trajectory really enhances the game.  You get points for every enemy tank you destroy and compete against others to become the best tank commander, which is where the competitive will thrive.