The Enchanting Islands Review

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Top Five Features:

  1. There are more of 100 levels and puzzles for you to solve    
  2. There are tons of different figures in the puzzles which have great graphics, making the puzzles more difficult and interesting.
  3. Besides completing puzzles you get points and start rebuilding the different parts of the islands so that you can reach the next level.
  4. The music in the game is very addicting and cheerful.
  5. As you advance through the game you can even choose from many updates, to improve the islands.

Ease of Use:
Moving the puzzle pieces around is very easy.  The main buttons of the game are always accessible and easy to find.  There is nothing really complicated about the way of playing this game.
Help and Support:
In the main window there is always a menu icon which allows you to access the help menu easily.  There you can read about the game and find some contact information for any support needed with the game.
The enchanting islands are a puzzle game, where you have to complete every puzzle with some rules that the game tells you before.  Sometimes it will ask you to put the pieces in pairs depending on the figures on them; and then there are levels where you must put side by side five similar pieces.  Every time you complete a puzzle, you reach the next level and get a reward.  These rewards are then used to buy, fix or update houses and other stuff in the islands, which have great graphics and detail.  There are many levels that will surely keep you occupied for a while.