Tibet Quest Review

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Top Five Features:

  1. More than 60 exciting games to try your puzzle solving abilities.
  2. Some wonderful art and very colourful and interesting comic story.
  3. The puzzle pieces are very original and each of them has a distinct sound.
  4. You can download additional updates which will add to your gaming experience.
  5. You can use some of the background in the game as screen savers for your computer.

Ease of Use:
The game only makes you move your mouse to the desire puzzle piece and just click on it and where you want the piece to move.  The game is very easy to play; you basically have to move your mouse around the screen and just choose your next move.
Help and Support:
The first screen of the game has a help menu with all the instructions and rules.  When you first begin to play the game, you can also have the software teach you by following a smile tutorial guide.  This will show you exactly how the game works. The game manufacturers also offer their customers technical support if any problem occurs.
Comics and puzzle is simply a great combination; Tibet Quest is a game which is based on a very interesting comic book type of story.  Then you must solve the puzzles in each level to find the hidden treasures and to completely finish reading the comic book story.  Tibet Quest begins when a little girl finds her long lost father's diary with a lot of personal clues and missions in the legendary Tibet region of the world.  The story says that the diary had some very special clues that seem to lead to a world, which many still believe to be fictional; the little girl's father writes about the ancient city of Shangri La.  This story continues as you complete each level and you do this by solving the puzzles in them.  The puzzles require you to connect three or more similar figures in a linear way.  Once you do this you will discover secret artefacts and clues which will help you in solving your father's long lost quest.  Some important objects that you will find along the way are keys to secret doors, ladders that will help you along your journey, torches that will light your way in dark places of the road and even pens for you to write your very own diary.  Tibet Quest has some incredible graphics in both the puzzles and the comic book story.  The puzzle pieces move and have a very nice design.  The comic book story is actually a piece of art; the drawings are quite neat and really make you imagine what is going on in the story.  Tibet Quest is simply a great puzzle game.