Virtual Sailor Review

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Top Five Features

  1. This game has incredible graphics and sound.  The graphics are very realistic and feature all types of different scenes from all over the world.  The sounds really do imitate those that you experience when sailing.
  2. The game is also very realistic when it comes to navigating a ship.  You must read the instructions carefully so that you know what control does what.  You have many different ways of handling a ship.
  3. An excellent addition to this game is that sea animals are also present in the scenery.  Depending on what part of the world you are sailing in, you will be able to watch different sea animals, all of which are actually programmed to do real life animal actions.
  4. One of the best experiences within this game is provided courtesy of the scene you are sailing in because it actually begins to change as time goes by.  The weather also changes from time to time, thus making the game feel much more real.  One minute you may be sailing calmly and the next strong winds start to blow and you have to start moving the mouse and controlling the ship.  
  5. If you do get tired of sailing around the world in this game, you can always try shooting at some of the scenery with the weapons that are included in the various ships.

Ease Of Use
    Learning to control a ship in this simulator is not that easy but once you start getting familiar with the controls sailing becomes quite relaxing.  You do have to read the manual before starting to play because you have to use the keyboard and the mouse to control any ship.  If you are up for a challenge then virtual sailor is for you.
Help And Support
    Virtual Sailor's web page is full of information about the game.  It contains the manual, news, add-ons and much more useful information that you can read and download.  There is also a help menu in the game if you ever encounter any kind of problem.
     Virtual Sailor is an exciting sailing simulator.  It has a variety of different scenes against which you can sail.  There are many boats and ships for you to choose from and you can even pick to command a submarine.  The gaming controls of this game really do simulate those of a real ship and the sounds are also very realistic.  Virtual Sailor includes many real life controls on all ships - you can use a compass, a sextant, GPS radar and various other sailing instruments.  The wind and wave current also play an important part in the game.