Word Mojo Gold Review

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Top Five Features:

  1. Tons of different possibilities, depending on your creativity to form and associate words.
  2. The colours and graphics are very nice, they add excitement to game and make it look attractive.
  3. The board and letters can be moved and view in different ways to accommodate your personal needs.
  4. The game's music and sounds is very good, you can control what you are listening to.
  5. You can choose to play under the clock or without a timer.

Ease of Use:
To form the words and put the letter where you need them you only use your mouse which makes it really easy.  You can move letters all over the screen just by dragging them.  Everything is visible and easy to access.
Help and Support:
The game's web page contains everything you need in case you have a problem with the game.  The help menu has the rules and explains how to play in the different modes that the game has.  The help button is always in the right bottom left corner and you can find anything you need to know there.
Word Mojo Gold is a game where you have to form words and then group several of them together.  It is a point based game, where you need to get more points in order to rank yourself at the top of the list.  You can test your ability in two different game modes, which either involves timing yourself or not.  You can also change the level, to have to create longer words in the same amount of time.  This game really gives you a word rush, you must think of words constantly.