Word Sense Challenge Review

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Top Five Features:

  1. This is a great game designed to test your word skills.  You must really be good to words to be able to solve these puzzles.  They are not easy at all which makes the game much more intriguing.  Every different puzzle represents a new word challenge. You'll spend hours trying to solve these word puzzles.
  2. There are three different ways of playing this word puzzle game.  One tests your word skills with a clock by your side, you get limited time to build your words and add points to your scorecard.  The infinite play mode allows you to play this game without any clock timing you, you only have to solve the word puzzles and add points to your score.  The round game mode is quite interesting you have to finish certain number of puzzles and different levels of them so you can advance to the other round, to score more points for yourself.
  3. There is a very helpful mp3 player which allows you to either listen to the games sound, which is very nice and relaxing or you can insert some of your mp3 files into the player and listen to your favourite music while you go on solving these word puzzles.
  4. The graphics and this game are good, they seem to resemble a scrabble board but it has its own colours and its own design.  You can view the board in several different views which allows for more personality of the game.
  5. A real helpful feature about this game is that it contains its own dictionary software, which allows you to see if what you are writing is correct or not.  This software makes the game more interesting since you can really find out how good your word skills are.

Ease of Use:
Anybody with a few computer skills can manage to get around this word challenge game.  The controls and menus are all handled with the mouse, and it takes only a couple of minutes to understand how you have to solve the word puzzles.
Help and Support:
The dictionary feature on this game solves every doubt you can possibly have about any word, it only takes a few minutes to get your answer and you can easily access it through the game.  There is also a help guide who explains how to play the game and its rules. You can also ask for support by e-mail or through their web page.
Word sense challenge is computer software which allows you to test your word skills by solving different levels of the game.  There are different play modes for you to challenge yourself, as well as many different levels for you to test your skills.  This game also has different views which make the game more graphic and allows you to concentrate on the word puzzle easier.  Word sense challenge is a game which will make your mind work, the time challenge game mode really tests your word skills.  One of the best parts of word sense challenge is that you get a score for your puzzle solving which allows improving your word skills overtime.