World Domination II Review

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Top Five Features:

  1. Very real lots of controls and possibilities for you to dominate the entire world.
  2. You can choose your enemies from some of the most famous leaders in the world today.
  3. The sounds are excellent, from the theme song to the sounds of production and war.
  4. A diplomacy option lets you become allies with other powers of the world or you can demand money from them.
  5. Some amazing videos and graphics add realism to this game.

Ease of Use:
Playing this game is not that difficult at all.  The controls for everything are always on the main game's screen, you control everything with your mouse and you usually get little announcements for what you can or should do next.
Help and Support:
You can read all the helpful tips in the help menu by accessing it in the main game's screen, this icon is always on the top right hand corner.  There you can find all the instruction on how to get by in the game, what your missions are and how to accomplish them and you can even find ways to contact people who will help you if you don't understand something about the game.
World Domination II is an excellent strategy game; everything in it is so similar to the real thing.  The main point of this game is to control the entire world and keep your enemies from attacking your territory.  You can do this by earning money for your country by producing oil and other important resources.  With this money you can then begin to build rockets, air craft’s, train infantry, work on your special intelligence forces and even build important defence mechanisms.  You can also work on your country's technology and upgrade your warheads, bio loads, rockets, air craft’s and much more.  An interesting option in World Domination II is that you can use the media to get the population in your country all spiced up and agree with the war you are involved in.  You must also be very careful because spies from other countries will always be trying to get secret information from your country.  You must work hard on your defences so that no one can steal any important information and use it against you.  A very important feature in this game, which will help you survive and become stronger, is the diplomacy option.  With this you can become allies with some of the most powerful countries in the world, by doing this you have the certainty that they will not attack you for a certain period of time and you can move into other countries and get some help while doing it.  World Domination II is one of the best strategy games ever, it has so many different ways you can play the game, and it’s almost as if you were really commanding an army.  You must make the correct decision at the right time or one of the most fearless commanders in the real world will surely take you out.