Youda Farmer Review

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Top Five Features:

  1. Magnificent graphics, the farm section of the game is very descriptive as well as the town part.  The truck and animal movements are very good. This game has great graphics and its well designed.
  2. The game sounds are very realistic; you can also enjoy some tunes and rare sound that are very unique to the game.
  3. The upgrades you can get as you advance through the levels in this game are based on real farm managing and increase the game's strategy.
  4. The different characters that appear in the game are so unpredictable when they get involved in the game that your strategy might have to be changed at any given moment.
  5. As you increase levels your farm grows and you are also a major part of the town's growth.

Ease of use:
Everything in your farm is controlled with your mouse and a few keys on your keyboard.  At first it may be a little hard to get used to where things are at your farm, but once you get the hang of your farm moving around it becomes easy and effective.
Help and Support:
If you are new to the game you can even have a starting tutorial, where all controls and aspects of the game are explained to you.  This starting tutorial is very useful and explains everything you need to know about the game, if you find any other problem with the game there is a support centre online to aid you.
Youda Farmer is a time based game where you must produce and deliver your goods to the town businesses on time and before they spoil.  If you do not pick up the products and deliver them on time, you lose money and clients and fail to improve your farm.  Once you start delivering to your customers on time, you get to expand your farm and produce even more products to satisfy the town needs.  You must become an excellent time management person to level up in this game.