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pdfFactory Pro 3 3 medal ★★★★★

pdfFactory Pro 3 Review

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Top five features

The PdfFactory Pro 3 Software is powerfully capable of creating all the known PDF types and still retains the identified layout depending on your penchant. And using the PDF printer driver you can generate conversion from Word and Excel not to mention PowerPoint to PDF and vice versa at any time.

The PdfFactory Pro 3 Software allows for repurposing, editing and modifying the PDF file content to suit whatever preferable layout design and type.  The editing spirit of this software is very powerful and allows for a very creative file content modifying to even allowing for sending as attachments the files.

The PdfFactory Pro 3 Software allows for a searchable PDF images that have been scanned. This is so necessary because the latest computer technological trend demands for such an allowance. With the searching option, there is therefore nothing that can deter this software from doing what it should do best.

The addition of bates numbers to the PDFs that are incoming and their consequent saving up to 10 times compression is an archive optimization option that the PdfFactory Pro 3 Software is adept at. This makes for a better, stronger and secure PDF file ever seen.

The PdfFactory Pro 3 Software also allows for a very easy and faster document management. This is important because such a faster management ensures that you are primed to do your work even faster than before.

Ease of use.

Just consider the friendly user interface and the clear icons and be assured that manipulating this software is easy. If you check the screenshots, you will see that the task of clicking away with your mouse is the only difficult task here.

Help and support

The PdfFactory Pro 3 Software is very durable but incase you encounter any problems please contact us. We have set up an online help line that is well primed to offer you quick answers to all you questions. The FAQs are also on hand to give you a glimpse at some of the popular problems other users encounter.

Top three reasons to choose PdfFactory Pro 3 Software

  1. The PdfFactory Pro 3 Software both creates and converts PDF to edible formats
  2. The software is both fast and top notch giving quality results
  3. The software is both flexible and durable enough to warrant a consideration.


If you have not thought of how to join the bandwagon of folks who are enjoying the PDF format then you need to keenly consider the PdfFactory Pro 3 Software in order to join. The software creates and converts this format to any [popular format, Word and Excel being some of the formats.