List of Free and Open Source Privacy Protection Software

Here is our list of Free and Open Source Privacy Protection Software. Please contact us if you know of a program that should be on this page. Boffin supports open source software. If you have an open source project, we may consider making a small donation to your project. To be considered, please get in touch via the contact page.

CyberGhost VPN Free Edition

CyberGhost VPN Free Edition allows users to securely surf the web especially when using WLAN and public hotspots. It keeps browsing history and bank account information, sensitive emails and passwords private and hacker-safe. It acts like an added FireWall where actual IP addresses are kept hidden by providing users with a virtual private network (VPN). What's unique about this freeware is its ability to allow users to view blocked contents ideal for travelling businessmen and tourists to access and make online banking transactions even when overseas, keeping them connected to their home countries.

Free HideIP

Free HideIP is a privacy protection freeware that allows users to safely surf the internet and send anonymous emails without the risk of revealing their real IP addresses. Personal data such as credit card information are kept away from prying eyes. Free HideIP also allows access to blocked sites and forums. What makes it stand out from other applications of the same type is the fact that users get to choose their IP country from where their dummy IP addresses will come from.

HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere is a free add-on for FireFox and Chrome browsers that safely protects and encrypts personal information and browsing history. Users can access their emails and credit cards using secure connections in over 1,500 websites preventing the possibility of identity theft. They can also enable or disable individual websites of their choice. Uniquely, users can edit existing rule sets or write their own according to their needs.

SnoopFree Software

SnoopFree Software is a free privacy protection software that works against spy software. It has the ability to identify and block even the most undetectable programs from snooping around and gathering personal information and internet habits and activities. Once the culprits are identified, this unique freeware provides users with the option to remove and uninstall these nosey programs.

HotSpot Shield VPN

HotSpot Shield VPN works not only on Windows and Mac computers but also on iPhones, iPads and any Android mobile devices. It has a WiFi security feature so users can safely surf the web in incognito mode through a VPN. Hiding actual IP addresses makes it impossible for hackers to access users' personal information and internet habits. It also has the ability to unblock websites.

Zemana AntiLogger

Zemana AntiLogger permits the safeguarding of personal data such as bank account and credit card information against keylogging softwares. Not only does it work on web browsers, this distinctive software can also protect every computer application by scrambling and encrypting the keystrokes as soon as keys are typed. It works on Windows 7, 8 XP and Vista.