SafeHouse Personal Edition Review

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Top five features

The SafeHouse Personal Edition has the power to offer protection and privacy to those sensitive files as well as folders with the help or use of passwords plus the very strong encryption.

It has a military stable encryption that is typically transparent based on the way you perform your work. Most importantly, it is attuned to work with various windows applications without any problem.

SafeHouse Personal Edition is designed in such away that you do not encounter any difficulties while working with it. it responds well to all types of drives  like USD drive, Network servers, USB memory sticks and CD/DVDs so as to make safe backups.

Your confidential files ore kept safely in giant expandable data vaults that can be accessed only by typing a private password.

SafeHouse Personal Edition keeps your photos, documents, spreadsheets as well as videos totally invisible and encrypted when it is put under the SafeHouse protection.

Ease of use

The presence of your password makes your handling or work9ing with the software a piece of cake experience. The folders and files can be easily accessed by entering your secret password and using the new disk drive letter which is typically added to windows in order to indicate your information or data as vault. This software has the capability of creating more SafeHouse strength to the level of 255 bit Twofish and can evidently change to gorgeous support by creating 2TB more in volume.

Help and support

Never are registered users of SafeHouse Personal Edition left in the cold, they have direct access to the SafeHouse customer service staff that responds to their problems at fast hand. They can also have a live chat with these guys and learn more about the operation and handling of the system. Tutorial are also available to help users unlock many secrets of the software.

Top three reasons for Choosing SafeHouse Personal Edition

  1. It keeps your confidential documents in the expanded giant data Vaults that cannot be accessed without entering a password.
  2. Is able to turn the USB memory stick to virtual smartcard that sees to it that passwords are saved.
  3. It is easy to use and does not pose any problems.


As you install this software, it brings new drive on that special PC hence acts as a typically hard-disk interface. It has military strength encryption that is transparent and compatible with windows operations. It works with all types of drives plus the exterior USB Drives, network servers and USB memory sticks among others.  with this software, you can be sure of your folders and files are completely accessible when using new disk drive letter that is added to windows to help you represent data vault of yours.