Planet Earth 3D Screensaver Review

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Top five features: The full version Planet Earth 3D Screensaver works under a complete 3D environment. You are able to witness an exquisite rendition of planet earth as if you are actually in space taking note of how beautiful the earth looks like. With the 3D environment, all the angles are clear and powerfully present.

The Planet Earth 3D Screensaver offers a photo-realistic picturesque and colorful animations and graphics. Color, they say is the essence of attractiveness and this is so true with this screensaver. The realism of the pictures augments the feeling of actual presence at the scene of space travel.

Accompanying the reality and visual attraction of the Planet Earth 3D Screensaver, is the space music at the background that gives the perfect relaxing and serene mood. The music creates the perfect ambiance of space tourism that most have craved but to no actual avail because of the obscene charges.

The Planet Earth 3D Screensaver features a digital clock and an FPS counter. The clock makes it easier to give you the actual time as you travel the face of the earth. The counter adds an impressive notch of splendor blended perfectly with the screensaver functionality.

The Planet Earth 3D Screensaver offers a wide range of outstanding and attractive space scenes. The scenes are both realistic and visually astute that one would not want to miss acquiring one for his or her PC.

Ease of use: As long as you have windows OS, a compatible video card or video memory, by a simple mouse click you can go for your space travel. The Planet Earth 3D Screensaver is user friendly in a speed that is totally sufficient.

Help and support: Our site offers the best answers to all your trouble shooting questions. The user guides are in the site well structured and comprehensive enough to give you what you are specifically looking for.

Top three reasons to choose Planet Earth 3D Screensaver
  1. The Planet Earth 3D Screensaver is visually attractive with a photo realistic format
  2. The Planet Earth 3D Screensaver brings out the feeling of actually being in space
  3. It is so easy to install your complete version of Planet Earth 3D Screensaver
Summary: Planet Earth 3D Screensaver is the current talk of town because it offers a serene reprieve to folks who need to go to space. With the software and its photo-realistic visual effect, one would simply sit back and enjoy the ride. Get your version of Planet Earth 3D Screensaver and see how wonderful you will feel at the end.