Screensaver Factory 5 Professional Review

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Top 5 features: The Screensaver Factory 5 Professional offer excellent quality, compatible and high quality performance on all PCs in terms of screen saver making.

The software program is also very compatible with upcoming windows operating systems without one having to worry about the compatibility.

With Screensaver Factory 5 Professional, one can get over 100 smooth, customizable and easy to personalize image transition effects. This will enable you to create a personified type of screen saver that will explain your personality in a flash

With the Screensaver Factory 5 professional you can also use it to make the smallest ever screensaver due to the built I compression ability to ensure that you get the smallest possible file size

You can also come with images or screensaver pictures that will be supported by any format if you use this software program due to the ability of the software to create images that will be supported by all popular images, sound and video formats

Ease of use: The user interface is so supportive and can be used easily create all the intended screensavers without having to undergo numerous steps and processes. The instructions on display are just self explanatory and all one is allowed to worry about is the imagination ability that he can actually gather

Help and support: The manufacturer has placed a team of technician on the ground to help the users solve the trouble shooting problems. The review page also has the mot frequently asked question and their answers hence this will also be a sure way of handling trouble shooting incase it appears.

Top 3 reasons to choose Screensaver Factory 5 Professional
  1. You can actually create screensavers from videos, pictures, music, flash animation and sound files without having to look further. The only limitation here is that your imagination might not be that wide otherwise the software program will allow you come up anything you want to create as a screensaver in a more simple and advanced manner
  2. The Screensaver Factory 5 Professional will also create multi language screensavers with clocks calendar and even RSS screensavers. These screensavers can be commercialized or be used for market promotion or in any other way one deems fit.
  3. with Screensaver Factory 5 Professional, you are able to create time and feature limited screensavers that will also allow you to come up with screensavers with help from shareware authors screensavers with nag-screens and listing keys and read me information file as well as license conformity
Summary: The Screensaver Factory 5 Professional will allow one come up with screensavers for sale using features such as shareware author, read me information file, and license agreement and trial limitation as well as registration keys.