Space Plasma 3D Screensaver Review

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Top five features: There quite a number of fascinating features that make the space plasma 3D screensaver more preferred over other types of screensavers. These features are bound to make you have an experience that has always been a dream by making you feel like part of the adventure. Some of these features include the following;

Photo realistic colorful 3D graphics- they are capable of bringing naturalness and uniqueness to your desktop background. These photos could be in terms of motion pictures that are quite natural to bring out the colorful aspect of the outer space.

Magnificent ambient music- this music is accompanied by the photos and motion pictures. This music will bring a serene atmosphere to your office, living room or the study depending on the location of your computer or laptop.

Digital clock- through the digital clock, you will be able to keep track of time as you continue with your work or when having leisure time. The digital clock is simply used to chow time.

Pass word protection- the pass word protection allows you to keep your documents including the screensaver in discretion. This way, nobody can be able to tamper with your computer or have access to private and important documents.

Multi-monitor support- this enables the user see the various motion pictures that are currently on the screen.

Ease of use: There is available support software that comes handy with the space plasma 3D screensaver software that enables the users to download and install the screensaver without any difficulties.

Help and support: Users of the space plasma 3D screensaver software are at better position to get guidelines on how the whole thing operates. These questions are always answered in the question-answer segment.

Top three reasons to choose space plasma 3D screensaver There are a number of reasons that will make you choose the space plasma 3D screen saver. Among these reasons include the following;
  1. The presence of the FPS counter for 3D hardware speed measurement which is known for its high speed. Therefore you will be in a better position to download your space plasma screen saver using its high speed and not interfere with the normal functioning of your computer
  2. The screen of your computer will have maximum brightness when you use the screensaver
  3. There is plasma sphere simulation which will enable the you to see different effects at the same time
Summary: Space plasma 3D screensaver is able to portray beautiful plasma effects which are commonly referred to as plasma sphere or the illuma storm complete with space and magnificent music to accompany the whole setting. You can also be able to get a glance at objects falling from the outer space.