Advanced Spy Review

Top five features of Advanced Spy.

Advanced spy is a computer and internet monitoring software that records all the activities being done on the computer or the internet service. With this monitoring gadget  in place, you will be able to effectively record the all the internet mails sent and received, you will record the MSN chat conversations, and all web sites visited by various individuals using your computer. Due to its advanced technology make-up, Advanced Spy also monitors and records the pressing of any keys on the computer keyboard and all the passwords entered to open any site.

The advanced spy software allows the computer owner to display a splash screen that alerts the users that they are being monitored. This always depends on the owner if you want to make those accessing your computer be warned by the splash screen or be found unaware by not updating the alert.

This software is always password protected. This will help prevent other people from starting the computer, visiting your website, downloading programs, and even prevent those who try to stop a program running on the computer.

For security purposes, the advanced spy is secured with stealth mode which ensures complete protection of the computer and internet from any unauthorized personnel. This means that, those who run the programs on your computer have the authority to do so from the computer owner. For those who do not have any access, nothing would be displayed in the windows system, desk top, or even the program menu.

The advanced spy normally records the names and contacts of the person running the program that is being monitored. All the details including the time of the start of the program is recorded and saved and later disseminated to the computer owner.

Ease of use
Advance spy help to monitor and record all the activities being done on your computer by unauthorized individuals. This monitoring software is easy and simple install and use. It works effectively with the operating systems such as windows 98, windows vista, windows Xp, windows 2000, and Windows NT. The software is user friendly, and doesn’t require any complication even when downloading.

Three reasons to choose Advanced Spy software

Advanced spy software have got surveillance and logging features that help record chart conversations either done in yahoo, MSN, or even in AIM. Apart from the conversation, it also saves the sent and received mails from any email program and network.

It is also fitted with security features which include hot key access which helps protect all your recordings. The information is completely protected from everyone except to those who have access to the computer.

Another reason to have this software is that, its advanced features such as alert windows warn the unauthorized users that they are being monitored through the display of a splash screen in the monitor.


Advanced spy software is a perfect tool to monitor your guests, children, your spouse, or employees who have a habit of running programs in your computer or those who browse, or access internet without your knowledge.