Family Cyber Alert Review

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Top 5 features

  1. The Family Cyber Alert will make sure you record all emails your family members send and receive when you are not around.
  1. With this program you will be able to record all chats from both sides and the Instant Messenger without having to be home
  1. Your files and those for your family will be monitored and incase of an access to them you receive an alert email instantly
  1. All online applications that include games, chats, application danger alerts, website access and other applications will be forwarded to you incase you install this Family Cyber Alert software program to your remote computer
  1. You will get intelligent reporting whenever something pops up and in that way you will be updated on what is happening at that computer at home as a way of beefing up security in your household

Ease of use:  the software is built and developed in a way that it will automatically get to work without you having to prompt it all the times. You will also need no straining to get it in operation because the interface for users is so easy to follow as it demands only a few clicks of the mouse and there you go your surveillance starts. As long as your computer is compatible be assured that you will face no trouble shooting

Help and support: there is a 24 hours customer, sales and information services for users hence you will have a friend incase of dire need. The FAQ section is also so comprehensive and detailed with those trouble shooting question and answers hence you will have a solution at your fingers if you need it at any time

Top 3 reasons why choose Family Cyber Alert

  1. With this software installed you are able to get screen snapshots recorded and forwarded to you at any given time. You also get automatic email forwarding  incase of keystroke  recording
  2. The Family Cyber Alert also helps you keep a closer eye on what your family members and especially children do online. This helps you know if your child is browsing adult materials or not now that the internet is a great source of education and the child can not be denied it.
  3. You need to stop online predators and you can only do that with the Family Cyber Alert  software, it will record all things that your child or family members are doing online without you having to worry about there security anymore

Summary:  this software is literary all that a family needs to make sure that members are safe all the time they are online. With the recording ability of doing all chat recording, snap shooting, keystroke recording and logging and also the ability to block a website it is inevitable that all families get this garget.