LAlarm Review

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Five key features:

  1. Theft Alarm- Prevent laptop theft by sounding an alarm when a thief tries to steal a laptop.
  2. Perimeter Alarm- Alert when a laptop goes outside a perimeter. It helps prevent laptop misuse and keeps the laptop within a safe boundary.
  3. Inattention Alarm- Sound an alarm when the owner leaves the computer unattended in an unsafe area for a period of time. It helps prevent laptop theft.
  4. Battery Alarm- Alarm when the battery is under stress in order to preserve the battery capacity and prolong the battery lifetime. It also alarms when the battery level is low to prevent data corruption due to sudden power loss.
  5. Disk Alarm- Alarm when a hard disk drive needs a repair or replacement in order to prevent data loss and laptop failure.

3 reasons why use LAlarm

  1. Prevent laptop theft. Laptop theft is common and a constant threat to laptop security. LAlarm emits a loud siren sound when a thief tries to steal a laptop. For example, you connect a laptop to a power outlet or fasten a laptop to a table by using a USB flash drive strap. An alarm will be triggered when the laptop is disconnected from the power outlet or removed from the table. LAlarm also warns the owner if the laptop is left unattended in an unsafe place for a period of time.
  2. Protect sensitive data. LAlarm protects sensitive data on a laptop by permanently destroying the data if the laptop is stolen. The US Department of Defense clearing and sanitizing standard (DOD 5220.22-M) is used to ensure that data is securely destroyed. Optionally the data can be recovered before the destruction. LAlarm can also be used in wiping out all sensitive data at the end of laptop life cycle.
  3. Keep it safe within a perimeter. It is useful (especially for businesses) to keep a laptop within a safe perimeter. It sounds an alarm when the laptop is used outside the perimeter. It helps prevent laptop misuse and provides another layer of laptop security.

Why choose LAlarm?

  1. Easy to install and use
  2. Protect laptop and data
  3. Numerous other useful functions.
  4. The most widely used laptop alarm software.

Important features to look for when downloading LAlarm

  1. system requirements
  2. how to disarm theft alarm.