Total Spy Review

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Top 5 features

  1. This software Total Spy is invincible to everyone except you. The user has only to press the hot key to unhide the total spy
  1. You will be able to intercept everything that is entered from the keyboard of that remote computer without having any problem
  1. The software also monitors all internet navigation that include visited URLs and website titles
  1. The software also scans windows clipboard for changes incase there is any.
  1. You can also monitor the screen in that you can practically view all that is happening on the screen of that remote computer under surveillance.

Ease of use:  the software has the auto start mode that is hidden that will automatically start the software without you having to manually get involved. The user interface is also user friendly and will give one simple instructions and guidelines that will not put any strain or stress to the user

Help and support:  the FAQ section in the products website is meant to help solve the trouble shooting because the most asked questions are answered in a most simper and open way. The customer services, sales services and information services offer 24 hours help and guide for users who face troubles shooting occasions

Top 3 reasons for choosing Total Spy

  1. If you have children and you are in dire need to secure and protect them from dangerous contacts and adult websites. You also want to see and know all they are doing online including all their chats and emails you should think of getting the Total Spy software. This software will make sure that you monitor all visited sites and all done online by your children
  2. If you are a boss and your employees all have computer resources and internet then you need to monitor them if they are actually working hard like they should. If you are suspecting something fishy going on in your organization then the Total Spy is all that you need to have because you will always be with your employees watching over them and seeing who is doing what at what time.
  3. You might have lost important data while typing one of the past days and you felt really bad and even stopped doing it because you could not imagine the loss you went through. Well now that is going to be a past tense and you will no longer loose important data while typing. All you need to do is install the Total Spy and all will be traced and retrieved incase a typing e rror occurs and the document get lost

Summary:  with the Total Spy software you are able to practically monitor all and have records of these activities on any remote computer. From making sure your children are safe to dealing with errant workers in the office the Total Spy comes with all these solutions