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7 Speed Reading 3 medal ★★★★★
EyeQ 2 medal ★★★★
Ace Reader 1 medal ★★★

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    The Definitive Guide to Speed Reading Software

    The top 3 speed reading software applications are a brilliant example of the leaps and bounds this category of software has achieved in recent years. The sophistication, scientific methods, and highly interactive learning environments bring professional learning to the home computer, for a very small financial investment. Choosing the best speeding reading software for your needs should be a priority. So which one deserves the title of the best speed reading course? For us, 7 Speed Reading comes out on top for a number of reasons.

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7 Speed Reading

First Place Gold Medal * * * * *

7 Speed Reading manages to combine all of the best points of every other speed reading software, and then some, into one package that is easily usable by anyone and best of all, actually brings about positive results in a short amount of time.

The scientific concepts used in 7 Speed Reading clearly put it in front, as you start to realize just how much thought has gone into building this software from the ground up based on real scientific principals. Although it would have been easy to translate these principals in a complicated and non user-friedly way, 7 Speed Reading has done the opposite; making advanced scientific research available for the everyday person to benefit from. The software is extremely easy to use and this is vital for success at learning. Whilst EyeQ and Ace Reader also have good quality interfaces and course processes, 7 Speed Reading is a cut above in this regard.

7 Speed Reading


Second Place Silver Medal * * * *

The main downside to EyeQ, and possibly the only thing keeping it from toppling 7 Speed Reading, is the lack of video tutorials. Video can make a huge difference when it comes to learning and comprehending lessons and instructions, so it does leave a large gap in this product. Although it offers almost everything else that the top speed reading program does, it does not have the smooth ease of use or functionality that you'll find in 7 Speed Reading. Apart from these shortfalls however, EyeQ is certainly worthy of taking out the second position.


Ace Reader

Third Place Bronze Medal * * *

Ace Reader comes up in third position, and although it has some excellent features, it is in need of an update if it wants to compete with the more modern advanced products in the speed reading field. So while Ace Reader is certainly one of the top 3 speed reading solutions available, these shortfalls do result in it being placed behind some of the higher performing, and better value for money software.

It can also be disappointing to learn that Ace Reader does not give you 100% of the content that you'll need to complete the speed reading course. Rather, AceReaderPro gives you just half of the package, and the second package must be purchased separately with AceReader Deluxe. This can lead to a more expensive investment than one first expected or planned.

Despite these drawbacks, Ace Reader is still a great program and it will definitly increase your reading speed. Finally, on big advantage Ace Reader has is that it's one of the few good programs available for Mac OSX.

Ace Reader