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    There are now so many spelling software choices on the market that it's become a very daunting proposition to select just one. They are not all created equal though, which is a good thing. The cream rises to the top and in all reality, there are really only a handful out of the dozens of software solutions out there which are worthy of your attention. Of these, three in particular stand out. These are Spelling Made Simple, Spelling Zone and Ultimate Spelling. But which one of these three is the best?

    Each software package has its own positives and negatives, but overall they are all excellent. Ultimate Spelling however does seem to stand out above the rest.

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Ultimate Spelling

First Place Gold Medal * * * * *

Ultimate Spelling is streets ahead of older products when it comes to spelling improvement (especially for children). One of the great points about Ultimate Spelling is that it has been developed to make spelling fun, rather than a drag, for children. They have specifically focused on creating a piece of software that actually makes kids want to learn, without it feeling like a chore or like homework. They have completely done away with traditional classroom methods of learning spelling, in favor of much more lively and fun activities.

Ultimate Spelling is also based on sound evidence-based educational principles, making it far more trustworthy than older programs.

Ultimate Spelling

Spelling Zone

Second Place Silver Medal * * * *

Spelling Zone is an Australian product, making is great for students studying the Australian curriculum. If you are in the USA, UK, or Canada, you may want to consider Ultimate Spelling which is made for these countries.

The Australian Department of Education approves so highly of the techniques, in particular that Old Way/New Way Learning process, that Spelling Zone employed that they have used them within some programs involving secondary level students. This technique is built right into the software and does away with the old repetitive style of spelling education of the past. This method aims to rapidly remove bad spelling habits and replace them with positive ones by transforming poor spellers into highly proficient ones.

Spelling Zone

Spelling Made Simple

Third Place Bronze Medal * * *

Spelling Made Simple is one of the pieces of spelling software on the market and is an acceptable option for homeschoolers, teachers and older students, as well as adults.

It is easy to use, has all the basics that you'd need to improve your spelling, but falls short on the learning games you really need to improve your spelling. For this reason many children will find it boring and less effective than options such as Ultimate Spelling.

Spelling Made Simple