AnyFound Data Recovery Software Review

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People that use computers for a long time often have a bitter experience of losing data due to sudden hardware crashes, software crashes, file or directory deletion, virus attacks, unexpected system shutdown and sabotage. This is one of the most annoying occurrences around for a computer user. You can lose a lot of valuable information as well as songs and videos that you collected with a lot of effort. Now the time has come for the users not to bother about losing any information. AnyFound Data Recovery Software COPY has been released and it is an advanced data recovery system that can recover data very effectively.

Top Five Features:
1. Drives and partitions: AnyFound can recover data from a corrupted or formatted hard drive. It can also retrieve data from deleted partitions. That means if you have accidentally deleted the partition or a part of your hard drive has crashed, got damaged or was corrupted somehow, you will still be able to retrieve the data using this amazing software.

2. Deleted files: Files that have been accidentally deleted and have not been overwritten by another file can be recovered by AnyFound Data Recovery software. It means if you have deleted one file, or you have accidentally dragged or copied a file onto another file which means you have overwritten the file, you will still be able to recover the data through this software.

3. Lost photo recovery: It can also recover photos and it has special function that can view photos in thumbnail views. As such, you will not have to bother about which photo is which.

4. Lost document recovery: If you use Microsoft Office or other software then you retrieve lost or damaged documents using AnyFound Data Recovery software. If those file are still hidden in your computer then the software can easily recover those damaged or lost documents.

5. Deleted mail recovery: If you use Microsoft Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird then AnyFound can recover the deleted emails.

Ease Of Use:
The software has a very low hardware and Windows requirement so it is very quick to run, plus the low requirements make the software very user friendly. You can use the software very easily as there are no complications.

Help And Support:
The software developers offer a wide range of customer support services. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee, which is really impressive. Normally companies do not provide any money back guarantees and if they do then they are not valid for long. However, the developer company of AnyFound gives you a whole one month validation period and if the software does not work on your computer then they will give you the money back.
Top Three Reasons To Choose AnyFound Data Recovery Software:

  1. When you use the software, your information will be kept secret
  2. The whole system is very much secure
  3. They offer instant and immediate activation of the product

This software is essential for the regular computer users as they are extremely dependent on their computers and losing valuable data is surely going to be very painful. That is why AnyFound Data Recovery software is very important for them.