Driver Detective Review

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Driver Detective software is designed to locate the most recent drivers that are specific to your computer system very quickly through its user friendly and simple interface. It can also enter an extensive database. It saves the time invested in driver updating and allows you to create a back up folder of the driver data so you can transfer it to an outer memory drive. It simplifies the driver updating job and makes it easier.

Top Five Features Of Driver Detective:

1. Managing the up to date drivers: You can manage your drivers with this extremely powerful software. The software can find and identify the drivers that are installed on your computer and can find updates for that software.

2. Drivers specific to the computer: If you own a Dell computer, for example, then the software will suggest an update for Dell. The software is also compatible for HP, Compaq, Gateway, and many more brands.

3. Driver backup wizard: If you have installed the Driver Detective then you will not have to think about losing data anymore because it will allow you to save and create a backup for the drivers. You can also copy them onto a flash drive, CD or other memory device.

4. Integrated customer support: The software developers provide a customer care tool as well as experienced customer care personnel. They are very supportive and serious with their work, which is why they deliver good service all the time.

5. Windows Vista upgrade wizard: If you are a Windows Vista user then there is no reason to get frustrated as the software has a Windows Vista edition. It is compatible with Windows Vista too so people that use Vista will not lose the chance to use the software. The software will perform the same because the software for Vista is just an edition for the Windows operating system.

Ease Of Use:
The software has a user friendly and simple interface that allows the users to understand and use the software very easily. The software does not have a high hardware requirement so it is really easy for the customer to use and does not slow your computer down.

Help And Support:
If you are facing any difficulties using the software then you can directly contact the developers through their website. The site contains all the information that you need to know about software troubleshooting. You will find all kinds of information there for free. Each section is very clearly labeled and if your problem is not there then you can email them instead. They will then send you the best solution via email.

Top Three Reasons To Choose The Software:

  1. The software has super user friendly features.
  2. You can keep a back up of the drivers so you will never have to bother about losing the information.
  3. The company offers high class customer support.

The Driver Detective is good software that helps you to do the driver updating job easily. It also relieves you from the pain of a driver information loss induced headache.